The Best Gaming Video Experience Is Given By a Top Monitor

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What Makes a Top Gaming Monitor?


Our community comprises of individuals who are ready to be encapsulated by the thrill of the gaming world. Multi monitor gaming has lately gained colossal popularity in the increasing trend of virtual gaming.

Multi monitor gaming initially required the help of an expensive external hardware toolset. But now to respond to the shifting trend, an easy-to-use video card is available. Thus, it is important to get acquainted with the ‘to do’s’ for the multi monitor gaming for you to give a head start with this amazing gaming opportunity. This guide deals primarily for an NVIDIA rig, but holds relevance for an AMD setup as well.

First and foremost, it is important to know that not all games are supported by the multi-monitor. But luckily, a lot many games are complaisant with this method. Wide screen gaming forum is a convenient medium that foretells the interface and offers information as to how to get the game running through multi monitor setup. ‘Wide screen Fixer’ on this forum also tells which games are not supported by multi-monitor gaming. A ban from a single game in multiplayer can result from the use third party programs to alter the game mode.

There are two kinds of video card manufacturer available in the market: AMD 7970 and NVIDIA 680/670. There are further two models of AMD 7970 available in the market. One of it has DVI-I and the other has two DVI (a DVD-I and DVI-D) ports. Since the AMD 7970 with a single DVI-I port is more common, so here we would use that for the reference.

NVIDIA is more suitable to use, as it doesn’t require an active Display port adapter which costs around 30 to 100 $. The price range depends on the resolution of the monitor screen.


Best Connectivity Options


For an AMD 7970 to drive the eyefinity setup, the monitor needs to be connected to a Display port. The new AMD 7970 uses a Mini Display port, which suggests a further addition in the overall cost. Video cards come up with an adapter, and the configuration option is as follows

  • 1 DVI > 1 HDMI > 1 Mini Display Port
  • 1 DVI > 2 Mini Display Port
  • 1 HDMI > 2 Mini Display Port

The configuration for NVIDIA GTX 680 and 670 are as follows

  • 2 DVI > 1 HDMI
  • 2 DVI > 1 Display Port
  • 1 DVI > 1 HDMI > 1 Display Port

If your monitor doesn’t have a display port connection, in that case a display port adapter is needed. To run Surround in SLI, a Display port or HDMI is not required. All monitors will be connected with DVI ports with variant connection of 2 way or 3 way SLI.

It is advised to keep all monitor connections same to make it work like the best gaming monitor.  Hence a 10 $ HDMI to DVI adapter can prove the most feasible solution for multi monitor gaming. For SLI though, there is no need to buy an adapter as DVI is needed for Surround.


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